1. Harvard Education Letter Wins Two Special Citations from Education Writers Association

      March 12,2010

      HEL logoThe Harvard Education Letter is pleased to announce that two articles have received special citations from the Education Writers Association (EWA) in the “Special Interest, Institutional and Trade Publications” category as part of EWA's 2009 National Awards for Education Reporting. EWA states, “The annual contest honors the best education reporting in the print and broadcast media and is the only independent contest of its kind in the United States.”

      The first special citation was awarded to education writer Lucy Hood for her article “‘Platooning’ Instruction: Districts weigh pros and cons of departmentalizing elementary schools.” Hood’s article looks at the growing trend of introducing subject area specialists in the elementary grades as a way to boost student achievement—a move that challenges the received wisdom on developmentally appropriate practice.

      The second special citation was awarded to education journalist David McKay Wilson for his article “The Invisible Hand in Education Policy: Behind the scenes, economists wield unprecedented influence.” McKay’s article discusses the rising influence of economic research in shaping key areas of education policy and analyzes economists’ contributions to the field.

      Also of note, Karin Chenoweth, Harvard Education Press author of How It’s Being Done and “It’s Being Done”, received a special citation for her article “Piece by Piece: How Schools Solved the Achievement Puzzle and Soared” from the fall 2009 issue of American Educator. Chenoweth’s article is excerpted from How It’s Being Done, which describes in detail how unexpected schools—those with high-poverty and high-minority student populations—have dramatically boosted student achievement and diminished (and often eliminated) achievement gaps.

      The Education Writers Association is the national professional organization of education reporters. EWA was organized in 1947 by a group of newspaper reporters with the intent of improving education reporting to the public.

      Learn more about the 2009 National Awards for Education Reporting.

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