1. Harvard Education Press

    The Harvard Education Press publishes innovative, authoritative books covering critical issues in education.

    New Releases

    The Teacher Insurgency
    A Strategic and Organizing Perspective

    Leo Casey

    Challenging the One Best System
    The Portfolio Management Model and Urban School Governance

    Katrina E. Bulkley, Julie A. Marsh, Katharine O. Strunk, Douglas N. Harris, and Ayesha K. Hashim

    Preparing Science Teachers Through Practice-Based Teacher Education

    Edited by David Stroupe, Karen Hammerness, and Scott McDonald

    Campus Carry
    Confronting a Loaded Issue in Higher Education

    Edited by Patricia Somers and Matt Valentine, Foreword by E. Gordon Gee

    The Chicana/o/x Dream
    Hope, Resistance, and Educational Success

    Gilberto Q. Conchas and Nancy Acevedo

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  2. Harvard Educational Review

    The Harvard Educational Review is a generalist scholarly journal that provides an interdisciplinary forum for innovative thinking and research in education.

    In the Fall 2020 Issue:

    The Learning of Teaching
    A Portrait Composed of Teacher Voices
    Irene A. Liefshitz
    “We Are the Forgotten of the Forgottens”
    The Effects of Charter School Reform on Public School Teachers
    Erika M. Kitzmiller
    The Semiformality of Teacher Leadership on the Edge of Chaos
    Jason Margolis
    Authority and Control
    The Tension at the Heart of Standards-Based Accountability
    Jack Schneider and Andrew Saultz
    Technical Ceremonies
    Rationalization, Opacity, and the Restructuring of Educational Organizations
    Maxwell Yurkofsky
    Curricular Contradictions
    Negotiating Between Pursuing National Board Certification and an Urban District’s Direct Instruction Mandate
    Travis J. Bristol and Joy Esboldt

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  3. Harvard education Letter

    The Harvard Education Letter was an award-winning bimonthly newsletter of research and practice in preK-12 education published from 1985 to 2015. The archives are maintained by Harvard Education Publishing Group.

    Popular Articles

    About Harvard Education Letter
    by The Editors
    Five Easy Ways to Connect with Students
    by H. Richard Milner IV
    Improving Teaching and Learning through Instructional Rounds
    by Lee Teitel
    Be a Behavior Detective
    Improving prospects for challenging students
    by Jessica Minahan and Nancy Rappaport