1. Harvard Education Press

    The Harvard Education Press publishes innovative, authoritative books covering critical issues in education.

    New Releases

    Between the State and the Schoolhouse
    Understanding the Failure of Common Core

    Tom Loveless

    A New Canon
    Designing Culturally Sustaining Humanities Curriculum

    Evan C. Gutierrez

    Teacher Diversity and Student Success
    Why Racial Representation Matters in the Classroom

    Seth Gershenson, Michael Hansen, and Constance A. Lindsay

    Creating Entrepreneurial Community Colleges
    A Design Thinking Approach

    Carrie B. Kisker

    Rural Education in America
    What Works for Our Students, Teachers, and Communities

    Geoff Marietta and Sky Marietta

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  2. Harvard Educational Review

    The Harvard Educational Review is a generalist scholarly journal that provides an interdisciplinary forum for innovative thinking and research in education.

    In the Winter 2020 Issue:

    Teachers’ Efforts to Support Undocumented Students Within Ambiguous Policy Contexts
    Hillary Parkhouse, Virginia R. Massaro, Melissa J. Cuba, and Carolyn N. Waters
    “Problem Children” and “Children with Problems”
    Discipline and Innocence in a Gentrifying Elementary School
    Alexandra Freidus
    Nací Allá
    Meanings of US Citizenship for Young Children of Return Migrants to Mexico
    Joanna Dreby, Sarah Gallo, Florencia Silveira, and Melissa Adams-Corral
    Getting the Debate Right
    The Second Chance Pell Program, Governor Cuomo’s Right Priorities Initiative, and the Involvement of Higher Education in Prison
    Patrick Filipe Conway
    Examining the Role of Gender in Educational Policy Formation
    The Case of Campus Sexual Assault Legislation, 2007–2017
    David R. Johnson and Liang Zhang
    “Above and Beyond Any Other Teacher or Staff”
    The Invisible Nourishment Work of Bilingual Support Staff
    Julissa Ventura

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  3. Harvard education Letter

    The Harvard Education Letter was an award-winning bimonthly newsletter of research and practice in preK-12 education published from 1985 to 2015. The archives are maintained by Harvard Education Publishing Group.

    Popular Articles

    About Harvard Education Letter
    by The Editors
    Five Easy Ways to Connect with Students
    by H. Richard Milner IV
    Improving Teaching and Learning through Instructional Rounds
    by Lee Teitel
    Be a Behavior Detective
    Improving prospects for challenging students
    by Jessica Minahan and Nancy Rappaport