1. Harvard Education Press

    The Harvard Education Press publishes innovative, authoritative books covering critical issues in education.

    New Releases

    Distrust and Educational Change
    Overcoming Barriers to Just and Lasting Reform

    Katherine Schultz

    The Alliance Way
    The Making of a Bully-Free School

    Tina M. Owen-Moore

    Education, Equity, and the States
    How Variations in State Governance Make or Break Reform

    Sara E. Dahill-Brown

    Absent from School
    Understanding and Addressing Student Absenteeism

    Edited by Michael A. Gottfried and Ethan L. Hutt

    International Perspectives in Higher Education
    Balancing Access, Equity, and Cost

    Edited by Jason D. Delisle and Alex Usher

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  2. Harvard Educational Review

    The Harvard Educational Review is a generalist scholarly journal that provides an interdisciplinary forum for innovative thinking and research in education.

    In the Spring 2019 Issue:

    In-State Resident Tuition Policies and the Self-Rated Health of High-School-Aged and College-Aged Mexican Noncitizen Immigrants, Their Families, and the Latina/o Community
    Stephanie Potochnick, Sarah F. Mary, Lisa Y. Flores
    Navigating Campus Controversies
    Seeking Truth, Respecting Speech, and Cultivating Intellectual Fairness in Higher Education
    Rebecca M. Taylor and Ashley Floyd Kuntz
    The Practice of Listening to Children
    The Challenges of Hearing Children Out in an Adult-Regulated World
    Haeny S. Yoon and Tran Nguyen Templeton
    Students as Economic Actors, Past and Present
    Jennifer S. Light
    Reconsidering Organizational Habitus in Schools
    One Neighborhood, Two Distinct Approaches to Advanced Placement
    Suneal Kolluri
    Normalizing Black Girls’ Humanity in Mathematics Classrooms
    Nicole M. Joseph, Meseret F. Hailu, and Jamall Sharif Matthews

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  3. HEL Archive

    The Harvard Education Letter was an award-winning bimonthly newsletter of research and practice in preK-12 education published from 1985 to 2015. The archives are maintained by Harvard Education Publishing Group.


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