Volume 10, 1994

November/December 1994 (Volume 10: 6)

‘A Slap on the Heart’
Teachers' Expectations and Kids' Achievement in the Arts
by Edward Miller

How the Firing of Mrs. Ditto Helped Transform a School
What happened when a new principal, determined to change the climate of his school, took on a veteran teacher
by Edward Miller

A Few Teachers' Unions Take the Lead in Policing Their Own
by Lisa Birk

September/October 1994 (Volume 10: 5)

Assistive Technology for Literacy Produces Impressive Results for the Disabled
by Terry Woronov

New Tools for Teaching Science
To Stimulate, Simulate
by Beth Hoffman

Six Myths (and Five Promising Truths) About the Uses of Educational Technology
Though their potential benefits are great, computers alone can't reform education or change the way students learn
by Terry Woronov

July/August 1994 (Volume 10: 4)

Assumptions Underlie Arguments About Inclusion
Point Counterpoint
by Jay Heubert

Changing the Way We Think About Kids with Disabilities
A Conversation with Tom Hehir
by Edward Miller

Creating a Vision of an Inclusive Future
Why we need a new definition of "giftedness"
by Mara Sapon-Shevin

With New Court Decisions Backing Them, Advocates See Inclusion as a Question of Values
by Nancy Webb

May/June 1994 (Volume 10: 3)

Model Mugging Teaches Girls 'Nonvictim' Attitudes—And How to Kick Men Where It Hurts
by Sara-Ellen Amster

Peer Mediation Catches On, But Some Adults Don't
by Edward Miller

Research Raises Troubling Questions About Violence Prevention Programs
by Marc Posner

We Need a National Strategy for Safe Schools
by Gus Frias

March/April 1994 (Volume 10: 2)

Can All the Children Really Be Above Average?
by Edward Miller

How to Change Our Schools in Just One Day
by Steve Seidel

Letting Talent Flow
How Schools Can Promote Learning for the Sheer Love of It
by Edward Miller

The Case Against Rewards and Praise
A Conversation with Alfie Kohn
by Sara-Ellen Amster

January/February 1994 (Volume 10: 1)

Forty Years after Brown, Cities and Suburbs Face a Rising Tide of Racial Isolation
by Susan Eaton

Making the Invisible Visible
Anti-Racist Education Goes Beyond 'Let's Appreciate Diversity'
by Sara-Ellen Amster