Volume 12, 1996

November/December 1996 (Volume 12: 6)

Getting Kids into the Picture
Student Drawings Help Teachers See Themselves More Clearly
by Roberta Tovey

Just Like Starting Over
The Promises and Pitfalls of Block Scheduling
by Michael Sadowski

What's So Bad About the Lecture?
Teachers say there's a place for lecturing—especially the interactive kind—but reformers don't always agree
by Lisa Birk

September/October 1996 (Volume 12: 5)

Goals 2000
Pork or Progress?
by Anne C. Lewis

Mathematics and Science Standards
What Do They Offer the Middle Grades
by Anne Wheelock

Urban Middle-Grades Reform
Foundations Keep Trying
by Anne C. Lewis

July/August 1996 (Volume 12: 4)

Hard-Won Lessons from the School Reform Battle
A Conversation with Ted Sizer
by Edward Miller

Idealists and Cynics
The Micropolitics of Systemic School Reform
by Edward Miller

The Disheartening Work of School Reform
Changing the fundamental rules and assumptions driving the status quo in education is harder than anyone imagined it would be
by Theodore R. Sizer

May/June 1996 (Volume 12: 3)

Five Reasons Students Plagiarize, and What Teachers Can Do About It
by Ellen Tarlin

Kidding Ourselves About School Dropout Rates
by Richard Fossey

Perception Versus Reality
School Uniforms and the 'Halo Effect'
by Marc Posner

March/April 1996 (Volume 12: 2)

Creating Family Stories Leads Students to a Richer Understanding of U.S. History
by Peter Gow and Alice Davino

Whole Language or Phonics?
Teachers and Researchers Find the Middle Ground Most Fertile
by Barbara Matson

January/February 1996 (Volume 12: 1)

Early Reports from Kentucky on Cash Rewards For 'Successful' Schools Reveal Many Problems
by Edward Miller

New Ideas Like Collective Incentives and Skill-Based Pay Raise the Same Old Questions
by Michael Sadowski And Edward Miller

Recognizing Signs of Stress Is the First Step In Keeping Kids from Living in the Streets
by Marc Posner