Volume 15, 1999

November/December 1999 (Volume 15: 6)

Facts, Not Fads in Title I Reform
by Gary Orfield

Making the Case for Arts in Schools
by David T. Gordon

The Arts Step Out from the Wings
As interest in arts education rises, researchers explore what young people learn from the arts—and how to make sure at—risk students benefit, too
by Jane Buchbinder

The Happy Meeting of Multiple Intelligences and the Arts
by Howard Gardner

Tinkering with Title I
by Kelly Graves-Desai

September/October 1999 (Volume 15: 5)

Don’t Believe the Troubled-Boy Hype
by Gwen J. Broude

Rising to the Discipline Challenge
Amidst growing concern about bad student behavior, practitioners and researchers point to some tried and true ways to keep order in the classroom
by David T. Gordon

Schools Get Creative to Find Good Subs
Clusters, flexes, temps, and training help districts deal with a growing shortage
by Karen Kelly and Michael Chavez Reilly

Turning Frustration to Fulfillment
New Teachers Need More Help with Discipline
by David T. Gordon

July/August 1999 (Volume 15: 4)

Johnny Still Can't Read?
Why high school students aren't developing the reading skills they need—and what some researchers suggest to solve this growing problem
by Peggy J. Farber

The "Brain-Based" Ballyhoo
New research on the brain may shed light on how kids learn, but should it change the way they're taught?
by Millicent Lawton

What Secondary Teachers Can Do To Teach Reading
A three-step strategy for helping students delve deeper into texts
by Vicki A. Jacobs

May/June 1999 (Volume 15: 3)

How Many Environments Does a Child Have?
by Judith Rich Harris

Learning from Poor and Minority Students Who Succeed in School
Children's views on success and failure have a big impact on their learning
by Janine Bempechat

Preserving Kindergarten in a High-Stakes Environment
by Karen Kelly

March/April 1999 (Volume 15: 2)

After Initial Reluctance, Co-Teachers Say They Wouldn't Have It Any Other Way
by Millicent Lawton

Are Two Heads Better Than One in an Inclusion Classroom?
by Millicent Lawton

The Human Cost of Over-Reliance on Tests
by Adria Steinberg

January/February 1999 (Volume 15: 1)

Design Fosters Learning at Zoo School
by Millicent Lawton

Retention vs. Social Promotion
Schools Search for Alternatives
by Karen Kelly

School Design Can Say a Lot About Teaching and Learning
by Millicent Lawton

What Makes a Good School Violence Prevention Program?
by Laurel Shaper Walters