Volume 16, 2000

November/December 2000 (Volume 16: 6)

Getting a Jump on Good Health
As obesity rises and activity levels fall, many schools are trying new phys ed curricula
by Sara-Ellen Amster

Why Huck Finn Belongs in Classrooms
Twain's work sparks the kind of frank discussions about race and race relations that we need—and fear—to have
by Jocelyn Chadwick

Will New Standards Bring Peace to the Math Wars?
by Andreae Downs

September/October 2000 (Volume 16: 5)

Are High-Stakes Tests Worth the Wager?
Amid reports of test-score gains, researchers ask some tough questions about the consequences for Latino and African American students.
by Michael Sadowski

Portrait of the 'Super Principal'
by Milli Pierce

We Need a Better Understanding of Inquiry in Instruction
by Frank X. Sutman

What the AERA Says About High-Stakes Testing
by Michael Sadowski

July/August 2000 (Volume 16: 4)

Innovative Teachers Hindered by the "Green-Eyed Monster"
by Julie M. Wood

Online Term-Paper Mills Produce a New Crop of Cheaters
The Web makes plagiarism easier—and more tempting—than ever. What can teachers do to discourage students?
by Orit Ditman

Shakespeare vs. Teletubbies
Is There a Role for Pop Culture in the Classroom?
by Sara-Ellen Amster

View from the Classroom
Student Writers Hone Their Skills
by Mary and Gloria Navarro

May/June 2000 (Volume 16: 3)

Building a Bridge Between Research and Practice
by Laurel Shaper Walters

Putting Cooperative Learning to the Test
While studies link cooperative learning with higher achievement, defining the term and implementing the concept is a challenge
by Laurel Shaper Walters

Schools Need to Pay More Attention to "Intelligence in the Wild"
by David N. Perkins

March/April 2000 (Volume 16: 2)

Mining for Gold in a Mountain of Online Resources
A Library of Congress project shows what the Web can add to history class
by Bill Tally and Melissa Burns

One Urban School's Adventures in Reform
With the help of an innovative program, King Middle School became an award-winner
by Andreae Downs

Successful School Reform Efforts Share Common Features
Schools big and small show that standards-based reform doesn't have to mean standardization. But it does require building "a culture of excellence."
by Andreae Downs

Why Current Assessments Don't Measure Up
by Marya R. Levenson

January/February 2000 (Volume 16: 1)

‘Every Friday was Fight Day’
Researchers look at why girls fight—and how to help them stop
by Peggy J. Farber

“Sexual Harassment Erodes the Notion That School Is a Safe Place”
An Interview with Nan Stein
by HEL Staff

Grade Inflation
What's Really Behind All Those A's?
by Lisa Birk

The Pros and Cons of Zero Tolerance
by Charles Patrick Ewing and Joan First