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Volume 13, Number 5
September/October 1997

A School Called Victory

The Ongoing Pursuit of Parent Involvement


When Estell Sprewer first became principal of Milwaukee's Victory Elementary School six years ago, the parent-involvement story was the same depressing one that a lot of urban educators tell.

More than half of the school's parents never attended conferences with their children's teachers. Among those who did, African Americans were underrepresented: They comprised 49 percent of the student body during the fall of the 1992-93 school year, for example, but took part in only 17 percent of the conferences that did occur.

When Sprewer asked for parents to serve on a school-based management council, the same old faces from the closely knit, disproportionately white and middle- class PTA stepped forward. "We were not hearing the voices of a large part of our population," she says. "We needed to broaden that scope."

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