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Volume 28, Number 2
March/April 2012

Four Steps to Building Leadership Capacity


Chart used with permission of Target Training International, Ltd.

While leadership is often recognized as an important factor in school improvement, the ability of district (or school) leaders to help those around them to also take on leadership roles is gaining more attention. And when it comes to building leadership capacity in one’s “leadership team,” understanding leadership styles is key.

Since 2006, Future Management Systems has been gathering and analyzing leadership data on 550 school leaders, including principals, administrators, and school board members. Our analysis supports the premise that a principal or superintendent who knows how to build capacity for change has a much better chance of sustained improvement than one who leads from a top-down stance.

We have also identified four steps that can greatly assist principals or superintendents looking to enhance the capacity of their leadership team in order to attain system goals in instruction, management, community relations, fiscal management, and human resource development.

This is an excerpt from the Harvard Education Letter. Subscribers can click here to continue reading this article.


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