Engagement and Motivation

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Only when students feel engaged socially and academically can teachers and schools lay the groundwork for motivating achievement. The articles below explore a variety of approaches to helping students develop the skills, attitudes, and relationships that undergird success in learning.

Teaching Students to Ask Their Own Questions

One small change can yield big results

Students in Hayley Dupuy’s sixth-grade science class at the Jane Lathrop Stanford Middle School in Palo Alto, Calif., are beginning a unit on plate tectonics.Continue

Incent This!

Competition drives federal ed reforms at every level

When Arne Duncan was Chicago schools chief, he welcomed a research project that paid students to earn good grades, believing that monetary incentives would keep teens in school.

Now as U.S. Secretary of Education, Duncan has deployed monetary incentives on a broader scale... Continue

Bringing Art into School, Byte by Byte

Innovative programs use technology to expand access to the arts

Monika Aldarondo is sitting in an office at the Boston Arts Academy (BAA) untangling scraps of brilliantly colored fabric that her students dyed to make banners for the school’s annual Africa Lives! exhibition. “I love old media,’’ the visual arts teacher says, snipping stray threads as she unravels the cloth. Continue

“Grit” and the New Character Education

Researchers study how certain performance traits may help students learn

On a recent Monday, students in Jeff Thielman’s advisory at Cristo Rey Boston High School crowded into his crimson-walled office to take a test. These juniors, like their schoolmates, answered questions aimed not at measuring academic skills but at something that has captured educators’ attention lately: their grit.

‘Every Friday was Fight Day’

Researchers look at why girls fight—and how to help them stop

The Pros and Cons of Zero Tolerance

Shakespeare vs. Teletubbies

Is There a Role for Pop Culture in the Classroom?

Online Term-Paper Mills Produce a New Crop of Cheaters

The Web makes plagiarism easier—and more tempting—than ever. What can teachers do to discourage students?

Seeking a Cure for Senior-Year Slump

Some schools are working harder to challenge and engage their soon-to-be graduates

Missing Persons

Who Needs More Help with the College Application Essay?

Making the Case for Heroes

Educators can help their students explore the complexities of a word that has taken on new significance

Afterschool Education

A New Ally for Education Reform

Keeping It Real

How can we transform high school so that students engage in—and not just prepare for—the "real" world?

Getting to Tenth

Can helping your students through ninth grade keep many from dropping out?

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