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Articles on this page zero in on nitty-gritty issues of teaching and learning. What are the stumbling blocks in teaching fractions? How can we use instructional time more effectively? What are the stages of vocabulary development, and what are the most effective ways to help students learn new words? How can new technology make learning and teaching more exciting? And what can we do to make sure our students are prepared for the demands of life in the 21st century?

Diving into Deeper Learning

Schools gear up to promote thinking skills

Four years ago, Mamadou Ba (a pseudonym) came to the United States from Senegal, knowing no English, and enrolled in a New York City middle school.Continue

Course Credits on the Quick

Controversial online recovery programs speed the path to graduation

The lessons in John Rice’s English III class at Anacostia High School in Washington, D.C., are as varied as the music wafting from his students’ headphones. Continue

Class Size Revisited—Again

Limited research spurs experimentation with staffing

In a world filled with terms like “value-added” and “adequate yearly progress,” many parents still rely on a far simpler data point to assess a school’s quality: the number of students in the classroom. Continue

Changing the Face of Math

Student perceptions may hold the key to mastering a “cold” subject

What if our national problems with math—from poor school and test performance to the dearth of STEM grads—are more about fuzzy-sounding stuff like relationships, emotion, and identity than, well, actual math? Continue

“What’s Going on Here?”

Using art to deepen learning

In 1987, roughly halfway through my 10-year tenure as education director at the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) in New York, several trustees challenged my staff and me to find out if anyone learned from our many educational options. We were asked to be accountable for our teaching: Were we effective? Did people learn what we taught? Sound familiar?

Putting Cooperative Learning to the Test

While studies link cooperative learning with higher achievement, defining the term and implementing the concept is a challenge

We Need a Better Understanding of Inquiry in Instruction

Why Controversy Belongs in the Science Classroom

From bioengineered food to global warming, science is rife with dispute, debate, and ambiguity

Teaching Civics after September 11

Will the swell of patriotic expression translate into better civics teaching and learning in U.S. schools?

Moving Instruction to Center Stage

After years of school reform focused on organization and governance, is Chicago finally ready to make teaching and learning a priority?

Reading and Writing Across the Grades

New and noteworthy research on language arts

The Construction of Low Achievement

A Study of One Detracked Senior English Class

Can Educators and Researchers Really Work Together to Improve Learning?

New report proposes a national plan for education R&D

Teaching Math to Migrant Students

Lessons from Successful Districts

A Core Curriculum for All Students

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