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Articles on this page explore ways that technology is transforming education—from organizing classrooms and structuring lessons to motivating students and helping them overcome barriers to learning. This section shows how teachers and administrators are using new technologies to surmount the constraints of pencil-and-paper learning in brick-and-mortar schools.

Five Things Teachers Should Tell Students About Socializing Online

Hannah was a fresh-faced 14-year-old, with strikingly pretty reddish-blond hair and an age-appropriate penchant for slightly risky apps and websites.Continue

“Clicks” Get Bricks

Once completely virtual, some K–12 online schools are settling into buildings

From its humble beginnings with 400 students in 2001, Connections Academy offered a complete, full-time education online for kindergarten through 12th grade students who wanted or needed to learn in more of a home-school setting. Continue

Star Apps Lift Learners Through the Clouds

Would political rivals Abraham Lincoln and Stephen A. Douglas tweet about their series of oratorical face-offs? Continue

Retooling Shop Class

Remember “shop”?

Heavy on low-tech learning using wood and metal, it was often perceived as the gritty retreat of less academically inclined, virtually always male adolescents. Continue

Mining for Gold in a Mountain of Online Resources

A Library of Congress project shows what the Web can add to history class

Innovative Teachers Hindered by the "Green-Eyed Monster"

Curriculum Access in the Digital Age

New technology-based strategies offer hope that students of all abilities will have the opportunity to thrive in school

How Handhelds Can Change the Classroom

Linking Teachers with Technology

Online courses and communities provide ways of delivering professional development and support

Can Brain-Based Software Help Kids Read Better?

A randomized study challenges the claims of a popular reading program

Curriculum Access for All

An interview with Grace Meo on using Universal Design for Learning to individualize instruction

The Classroom of Popular Culture

What video games can teach us about making students want to learn

Online Professional Development for Teachers

An interview with Chris Dede

Better Teaching with Web Tools

How blogs, wikis, and podcasts are changing the classroom

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