A Decade of Urban School Reform

A Decade of Urban School Reform Persistence and Progress in the Boston Public Schools

Edited by S. Paul Reville with Celine Coggins
library, 327 Pages
Pub. Date: March 2007
ISBN-13: 9781891792380
Price: $59.95

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paper, 327 Pages
Pub. Date: March 2007
ISBN-13: 9781891792373
Price: $32.00

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A Decade of Urban School Reform looks at this critical era in the Boston schools and distills valuable insights and lessons for school leaders and reformers everywhere. 


In its comprehensive account of school reform efforts in Boston, this book offers insights into the immense and necessary project that is contemporary urban school reform. It should be of interest to all who have a stake in urban school reform throughout the country. — Richard W. Riley, Former U.S. Secretary of Education

A Decade of Urban School Reform should be required reading for every educator and policy-maker in this country. Success is possible, but as Boston demonstrates, it requires leadership, a unified partnership among all stakeholders, and an unwavering focus on student achievement. — Eli Broad, Founder, The Broad Foundations

Reville's impressive book analyzes a significant decade of educational reform in arguably one of the most closely watched urban districts in America; it shows that even when all stars are aligned, change and improvement come slowly. — Richard Stutman, President, Boston Teachers Union

A Decade of Urban School Reform tells the story of Boston's successful urban school reform under Tom Payzant's extraordinary leadership. Through these essays, we learn the ingredients for success: a research-based theory of change, support from a mayor with a longstanding commitment to education, a laser-like focus on instruction, cooperation from teachers unions, central office reform, and unusual partnerships. Reville and his colleagues have assembled a compelling and honest case study with implications for the nation. — Kathleen McCartney, Dean, Harvard Graduate School of Education

This book shows how complex—and daunting—is the task of improving a large city's schools. But, it also offers hope because it documents how Tom Payzant, through enlightened leadership and persistence, laid the groundwork for better schools in Boston. — Jack Jennings, President and CEO, Center on Education Policy

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