A Grand Bargain for Education Reform

A Grand Bargain for Education Reform New Rewards and Supports for New Accountability

Edited by Theodore Hershberg and Claire Robertson-Kraft, foreword by Christopher T. Cross
paper, 288 Pages
Pub. Date: August 2009
ISBN-13: 978-1-934742-24-2
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This book offers an ambitious new system for evaluating, compensating, and providing professional development for school teachers and administrators.


This timely volume responds to President Obama’s call for a renewed focus on teacher effectiveness as a central component of education reform. With thoughtful contributions from many prominent educators, it offers a range of ideas for improving teacher compensation, professional development, and accountability in our nation’s schools. — Representative George Miller, D-CA, chairman, House Education and Labor Committee, U.S. House of Representatives

A Grand Bargain for Education Reform advocates for increasing the professionalism of teaching by working with educators as full partners in school improvement. Although I don’t agree with every recommendation in the framework, the substance of focused professional development, improving teacher evaluation, enhancing career opportunities for teachers who remain in the classroom, and differentiating compensation offers educational leaders an innovative path to improved teaching and learning. — Randi Weingarten, president, American Federation of Teachers, AFL-CIO

Considerable consensus has been built around the notion that a high quality teacher is the single-most important factor in a child’s education. A Grand Bargain for Education Reform moves the discussion to the next level, proposing new ways to evaluate and compensate the men and women who play such a crucial role in determining the fate of modern school reform efforts. — Joe Williams, director, Democrats for Education Reform

A perceptive educator focuses on the critical step to better schools: paying teachers more for teaching well. — Lamar Alexander, U.S. Secretary of Education (1991–1993)

This book offers a dynamic collection of authors, whose combined experience and expertise is unmatched. Their collective message makes this book a good blueprint that school communities can use to build systems that will lead to great success for schools and children. — Gerald L. Zahorchak, Pennsylvania Secretary of Education

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About the Editors

Theodore Hershberg is a professor of public policy and history and the director of the Center for Greater Philadelphia at the University of Pennsylvania, where he has taught since 1967. He is the founding director of Operation Public Education (OPE) and holds MA and PhD degrees in American history from Stanford University. He was acting dean of Penn’s School of Public and Urban Policy and served as assistant to the mayor of Philadelphia for strategic planning and policy development. He has written and lectured extensively in the fields of urban-industrial development, regional cooperation, and education policy.

Claire Robertson-Kraft is associate director of the Center for Greater Philadelphia and Operation Public Education. She graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in 2004 with a double major in urban studies and philosophy. Prior to joining the OPE team, she worked with Teach For America in Houston, first as a third-grade teacher and then as a program director for corps members teaching in elementary and special education placements. She is currently pursuing her PhD in education policy at Penn.

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Pay-for-Performance Teacher Compensation

"Rewards and Supports" by Theodore Hershberg and Claire Robertson-Kraft in School Administrator

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