A Nation Reformed?

A Nation Reformed? American Education Twenty Years after A Nation at Risk

Edited by David T. Gordon with a foreword by Patricia Albjerg Graham
paper, 232 Pages
Pub. Date: January 2003
ISBN-13: 978-1-891792-08-3
Price: $9.95

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A Nation Reformed? takes stock of twenty years of school reform. Was the nation really ever "at risk" and, if so, is it still? Which reforms have made a difference and which haven't? And where do we go from here?


"School teachers, administrators, and community members who want a better understanding of standards-based reform-of how we got here and why-will benefit a great deal from this book. These contributors, who have been at the forefront of national discussions about improving schools, cogently lay out the complexities of educating youth to high standards. They make a convincing and inspiring case for why reform should focus on what counts the most: improving teaching and learning. If you read one book on this important anniversary, it should be A Nation Reformed?" — Ramon Cortines, former Chancellor, New York City Public Schools

A deep, insightful, balanced appraisal from an extraordinary array of 'school reformers'-scholars, practitioners, and policy analysts-who have stayed the course for 20+ years. What they have learned and what they know about the barriers that still lie ahead is a must read for anyone concerned about the future well-being of our children, our schools, and yes, ultimately, 'our nation at risk.' — Anthony Bryk, Director, Center for School Improvement, University of Chicago

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