Acts of Inquiry in Qualitative Research

Acts of Inquiry in Qualitative Research

Edited by Bárbara M. Brizuela, Julie Pearson Stewart, Romina G. Carrillo, and Jennifer Garvey Berger
paper, 458 Pages
Pub. Date: January 2000
ISBN-13: 9780916690366
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In this volume, researchers, practitioners, participants, and scholars address the proliferation of methodologies, ethical and disciplinary concerns, and issues of equity and diversity such research raises from a wide variety of viewpoints.


At long last, the rich qualitative research resources of a decade of the Harvard Educational Review are together in one readily accessible volume. Not only will readers have important perspectives from critical social science disciplines, but the many theoretical arguments and case studies are now side by side. The value of Acts of Inquiry is not just as a collection of some of the most thoughtful and biting work of the field, but also as a timesaver for teachers and students. Who hasn't searched frantically for that HER article that addressed exactly the point a student raised in class? As required reading in qualitative methods classes, it will outshine many of the resources now available for its breadth and comprehensiveness. — Yvonna S. Lincoln , Texas A&M University

This collection of articles succeeds in bringing together an unusual assortment of writers and ideas that further the conversation on the nature, issues, and uses of qualitative research. It is definitely a volume to use as a teacher, student, or practitioner in pursuit of insight and information about qualitative research. The many articles, divided into six sections, inform the reader not only by their content, but also by their often extensive bibliographies. — Alan Peshkin, Stanford University

Acts of Inquiry in Qualitative Research provides the kind of examples I search for to use in my qualitative research methods class—diverse and thoughtful articles that will not only deepen students’ understandings of (and questions about) research methods, but also stimulate their interest in and thinking about a variety of educational topics. Acts of Inquiry is a fine collection of articles and a valuable accompaniment to any qualitative research methods text. — Corrine Glesne, University of Vermont

In teaching qualitative research methodology, I give students articles and papers that explicate as well as illustrate the concepts I introduce. Acts of Inquiry in Qualitative Research does both, and it does them in one volume. Even better, it does them well! For those who do, read, and write interpretive research, Acts of Inquiry is a valuable and unique resource that offers both breadth and depth. — Sharon Rallis, University of Connecticut

Long overdue, this excellent collection of essays serves to bring qualitative research to the forefront of social science inquiry. — Norman K. Denzin, University of Illinois at Urbana

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