Campus Carry

Campus Carry Confronting a Loaded Issue in Higher Education

Edited by Patricia Somers and Matt Valentine, Foreword by E. Gordon Gee
paper, 224 Pages
Pub. Date: November 2020
ISBN-13: 978-1-68253-550-9
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cloth, 224 Pages
Pub. Date: November 2020
ISBN-13: 978-1-68253-551-6
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In this volume, editors Patricia Somers and Matt Valentine lead an examination of the unintended consequences of campus gun policy and showcase voices from the college community who are grappling with the questions, issues, and consequences that have emerged at their respective institutions. While making the case that campus carry legislation is harmful, the book gathers some of the very best thinking around enacting such policies and offers valuable recommendations for mitigating its effects and preserving university values.


Campus Carry is a must-read volume for postsecondary educators and administrators in states that permit guns on campus or are considering doing so. It provides breadth and depth on the topic, referencing historical and contemporary research, and the too-rare inclusion of a range of ideological perspectives. The editors’ recommendations for policy and practice are superb. — Kristen A. Renn, professor, Higher, Adult, and Lifelong Education, Michigan State University

The editors and contributing authors have divined a comprehensive compendium on the history and current status of campus carry policies. Intersectional in approach, Campus Carry explores the impact of campus carry policies on the faculty, staff, and students who navigate campus spaces daily. Inspiring a call to action, this text is a MUST read! — Stella L. Smith, associate director, Minority Achievement, Creativity and High Ability Center, Prairie View A&M University

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About the Editors

Patricia Somers was associate professor in the Program of Higher Education Leadership in the Educational Leadership and Policy Department at the University of Texas at Austin. She had a PhD in education from the University of New Orleans, an MA in Portuguese from the University of Illinois, and a BA in Spanish from Michigan State University. She studied campus carry and campus safety. She also researched college student persistence, internationalization, and Brazilian higher education. She had held Fulbright Fellowships in Brazil.

Matt Valentine teaches writing at the University of Texas at Austin, where he is a fellow of the Trice Professorship in the Plan II Honors Program. As a journalist, he has recently published several analytical features on gun violence and gun policy for Politico Magazine, as well as The Atlantic, The Trace, and the New Republic. He has appeared on MSNBC, CBS Radio, NPR, and other media outlets as an expert commentator on gun violence and gun policy.

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