Cultural Studies and Education

Cultural Studies and Education Perspectives on Theory, Methodology, and Practice

Edited by Rubén A. Gaztambide-Fernández, Heather Harding, and Tere Sordé-Martí
paper, 296 Pages
Pub. Date: January 2004
ISBN-13: 9780916690410
Price: $28.00

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Cultural Studies and Education is a timely introduction to cultural studies and the ways in which it can enrich both education scholarship and practice.


This collection of powerful and profound essays fills a longstanding void between educational practice and cultural theory. Readers will gain insight into the ways in which education is influenced by larger cultural currents in society, and as those connections are made clear, new ways of understanding and intervening will also become evident. — Pedro A. Noguera, Steinhardt School of Education, New York University

Cultural Studies and Education delves into the intersection of two fields that remain largely disconnected in the United States. In an era of narrow and regressive educational policy, this volume reminds us what educational discourse can be: an exciting conversation about the relationship between culture, power, and society. These essays--both old classics and new--should be at the center of our debates about the future of education. — Nadine Dolby, Northern Illinois Universty

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