English Learners at Home and at School

English Learners at Home and at School Stories and Strategies

Joyce W. Nutta, Foreword by Carine M. Feyten
paper, 192 Pages
Pub. Date: November 2021
ISBN-13: 978-1-68253-690-2
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The engaging profiles of English Learners at Home and at School offer access to a deeper and broader understanding of the lived experiences of English learners and their families. Such knowledge is essential for all educators in order to anticipate the needs of, and best support, English learners.


In this easy-to-read, nicely exemplified, and coherently structured book, Joyce Nutta uses a coordinated mix of stories and instructional strategies to help educators build meaningful relationships with their English learner students at home and school, and create compassionate classrooms that empower student voices, strengthen instruction, and improve academic achievement outcomes. — Kouider Mokhtari, Anderson-Vukelja-Wright Endowed Professor and director of the K–16 Literacy Center, University of Texas at Tyler

Dr. Nutta’s stories guide teachers in knowing and establishing better relationships with ELs. The literary response activities she proposes help readers understand what underlies each student’s performance, and the end chapter brings together the themes of language, equity, and cultural and student characteristics for a holistic framework. — Margarita E. Calderón, professor emerita, Johns Hopkins University

Most books about teaching ELs focus on superficial classroom strategies that don’t include the context behind the strategy. English Learners at Home and at School turns the discussion to the students and their stories to show how principles of SLA [second-language acquisition], DLI [dual-language immersion], and ESL [English as a second language] should be implemented. — N. Eleni Pappamihiel, professor, University of North Carolina Wilmington

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About the Author

Dr. Joyce W. Nutta is professor of World Languages Education and the ESOL Endorsement, Dual Language Education Graduate Certificate, and TESOL PhD Track Coordinator at the University of Central Florida. She is devoted to educating teachers of all subjects and grade levels about English learners and to equipping teachers with tools and techniques that support English learners’ academic achievement and language development.

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