Instructional Moves for Powerful Teaching in Higher Education

Instructional Moves for Powerful Teaching in Higher Education

Jeremy T. Murphy and Meira Levinson, Foreword by Mary Deane Sorcinelli
paper, 232 Pages
Pub. Date: March 2023
ISBN-13: 978-1-68253-798-5
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A toolkit of strategies for postsecondary instructors to use to cultivate safe, inclusive learning spaces and improve teaching.

Based on work conducted through the Instructional Moves project at Harvard University, Instructional Moves for Powerful Teaching in Higher Education outlines the many ways in which good college and graduate school teaching is rooted in deliberate pedagogical choices that support active learning. Jeremy T. Murphy and Meira Levinson distill good instruction to its essential components, analyzing the careful steps successful instructors take to create learning spaces that encourage all students to do ambitious work.


This book makes college teaching more public by opening select classrooms for an in-depth look at research-based practices that promote learning. Discipline-spanning approaches are paired with reflections and resources to give readers a sense of having an enlightening conversation with instructors who share common goals. Instructional Moves is a fresh addition to my go-to list of excellent books on teaching. — Jenny Frederick, associate provost for academic initiatives and executive director of the Poorvu Center for Teaching and Learning, Yale University

Essential reading for every higher education instructor, who will find actionable advice on every page. Each new teaching approach is illustrated with vivid case studies from real classrooms and backed by findings from education research. From large lecture halls to small seminars, this inspiring book can help every instructor improve their teaching. — Justin Reich, associate professor and director of Teaching Systems Lab, MIT

A convincing case for adopting equitable, evidence-based teaching approaches that spark deep learning across disciplines. The mix of up-to-date research findings and richly textured examples of faculty practice is particularly powerful. This highly readable book will be a valuable resource for instructors as well as educational developers. — Matt Kaplan, executive director, Center for Research on Learning and Teaching, University of Michigan

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About the Author

Jeremy T. Murphy is an assistant professor of education at the College of the Holy Cross. Meira Levinson is the Juliana W. and William Foss Thompson Professor of Education and Society at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. Her books include Dilemmas of Educational Ethics.

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