Instructional Rounds in Action

Instructional Rounds in Action

John E. Roberts, foreword by Richard F. Elmore
Pub. Date: November 2012
ISBN-13: 978-1-61250-498-8
paper, 192 Pages
Pub. Date: November 2012
ISBN-13: 978-1-61250-496-4
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Instructional Rounds in Action is an invaluable guide for those involved in implementing instructional rounds as the foundation and framework for systemic improvement in schools.


As John Roberts observes, introducing [instructional rounds] into schools is a culturally disruptive practice. It introduces the powerful countercultural idea that people who work in knowledge-based enterprises should be engaged in continuous learning. Instructional Rounds in Action is a model of how this process of continuous learning and improvement works. — From the foreword by Richard F. Elmore, Gregory R. Anrig Professor of Educational Leadership, Harvard Graduate School of Education

Here is a book that captures all the key facets of putting instructional rounds into practice. Roberts’s identification of the core problems of organizational learning—the problems of frequency, symmetry, and reciprocity—is the first strong contribution to applied instructional rounds that I have seen. — Michael Fullan, OISE/University of Toronto

What a compelling story and journey—one that every district should undertake. Roberts describes the ‘hows’ and ‘whys’ of implementing this powerful approach to continuous improvement, and shows how it challenges adults to improve teaching and learning for every student. — Jayne H. Mohr, associate superintendent, Traverse City (Michigan) Area Public Schools

Rarely have I read a book that gets so quickly and incisively at the fundamental challenges of school improvement. Roberts takes us inside an effort to change the norms and practices of a school system toward providing rigorous instruction for all students, showing us in simple and compelling prose why it is so hard, what progress looks like, and how far we have to go. This powerful book is a must-read for practitioners, researchers, and policy makers alike. — Jal Mehta, assistant professor of education, Harvard Graduate School of Education

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About the Author

John E. Roberts is a 2012 graduate of the Harvard Graduate School of Education. He has served as a middle school teacher in Michigan and was assistant director of the Lowell Middlesex Academy Charter School, in Lowell, Massachusetts, from 2003 to 2006. More recently, John has taught and facilitated for professional education programs, including the Instructional Rounds Institute at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. He was a contributing author to Katherine Merseth’s Inside Urban Charter Schools (Harvard Education Press) in 2009. He currently lives in Washington, DC.

Foreword by Richard F. Elmore (PDF)

Harvard EdCast: Culturally Disruptive Practices?

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