Online Professional Development for Teachers

Online Professional Development for Teachers Emerging Models and Methods

Edited by Chris Dede
paper, 304 Pages
Pub. Date: May 2006
ISBN-13: 9781891792731
Price: $32.00

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In Online Professional Development for Teachers, the authors look closely at exemplary online professional development programs, compare them carefully with one another, and draw helpful conclusions about them--both for those who develop online programs and for teachers and administrators in search of professional development programs that make a difference.


Online Professional Development for Teachers is the right book at the right time, an invaluable work that shines a powerful spotlight on teacher learning for the new century. Dede’s insightful analysis pulls it all together into a coherent framework, helping the reader appreciate trends, features, and implications of this powerful force for educational change. — Kathleen Fulton, Director, Reinventing Schools for the 21st Century, National Commission on Teaching and America’s Future

Chris Dede is one of the most forward-looking educators in the field, with a keen awareness of the rapid evolution of information and communication technology. This book examines the potential of online and blended professional development to build teachers’ ability to innovate and effect transformational change in schooling in order to provide all students with 21st-century knowledge and skills. — Bonnie J. Smith-Skripps, Dean, College of Education and Human Services, Western Illinois University

This book is a tremendous gift to K-12 education. As a school leader always looking to build professional capacity among my staff, I welcome Dede's design-based research and forward thinking about online teacher professional development. A must-read for funders, policymakers, and school leaders. — Mary Skipper, Headmaster, TechBoston Academy

Online Professional Development for Teachers captures the innovation and excitement of this growing field. The case studies provide the best available picture to date of the scope and potential for lifelong professional learning on the Internet. This volume is essential and interesting reading for researchers and educators who design and study innovative learning environments. — Sharon J. Derry, University of Wisconsin-Madison

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