Race and Higher Education

Race and Higher Education Rethinking Pedagogy in Diverse College Classrooms

Edited by Annie Howell and Frank Tuitt
Pub. Date: January 2003
ISBN-13: 978-1-61250-066-9
paper, 280 Pages
Pub. Date: January 2003
ISBN-13: 9780916690380
Price: $19.95

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The contributors to Race and Higher Education guide educators toward an understanding of how changes in the student population call for new approaches to classroom instruction, and address the need for new pedagogical practices in increasingly diverse college classrooms.


This timely volume presents indispensable perspectives on changes we need to introduce into our college and university classrooms in order to enrich those classes and enhance the academic achievement of minority students. Race and Higher Education is a must read for all teachers, administrators, and students who have a stake in the ever-greater diversity of our colleges and universities. — Dean Whitla, Director, National Campus Diversity Project, Harvard Graduate School of Education

This is an informed, balanced, carefully researched series of essays on a timely and important topic. It offers clear insights into the benefits and problems of racial diversity in higher education. — John B. Williams, College of Education, University of Maryland

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