Teachers Talking Tech

Teachers Talking Tech Creating Exceptional Classrooms with Technology

Dave Saltman
paper, 232 Pages
Pub. Date: November 2014
ISBN-13: 978-1-61250-746-0
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Someday soon, like the pencil, projector, and word processor before them, the smart board and smartphone will simply be things that teachers and students use on the way to learning. Until then, teachers will struggle to answer a myriad of difficult questions about a wide range of new digital tools that have burst forth on the educational landscape. What makes a new tool worth learning and adopting? How is it best learned? Who can help?


Teachers Talking Tech takes the reader inside modern classrooms with accomplished teachers to gather insights and perspectives on powerful learning today. Chock full of examples, this is a must-read for aspiring as well as practicing teachers, policy makers, journalists, and anyone trying to make sense of the advancements in learning opportunity ushered in by technology and the Internet. — Karen Cator, president and CEO, Digital Promise

Figuring out where and how to begin with the seemingly endless array of technologies available to educators is a daunting task. Dave Saltman does an exquisite job providing a pedagogical framework for the effective integration of technology through the experiences of practitioners. This book will provide educators with the confidence to use technology to enhance learning, foster collaboration, and improve communication. — Eric Sheninger, principal, New Milford High School, New Milford, New Jersey, and author of Digital Leadership

Preparing students for successful futures is an ever-shifting endeavor in our dynamic, global economy. Effective teachers continue to create engaging opportunities for students to connect with and master content, while incorporating new skills necessary for college and career readiness. Teachers Talking Tech illustrates how educators are manipulating technology as a powerful tool to facilitate inquiry and personalize learning to meet each student’s needs. — S. Dallas Dance, superintendent, Baltimore County Public Schools

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About the Author

Dave Saltman is a journalist, teacher, and tutor. In his early newspaper career, he worked for the Washington Post, the Sarasota Herald-Tribune, and States News Service; later, he worked as an online producer for America Online, and subsequently as a writer, producer, and editor for a number of Web sites. He received his BA from Clark University, an MBA from Marymount University, and a teaching credential, in English and social science, from California State University, Northridge, where he attended the Accelerated Collaborative Teacher Preparation Program (ACT), offered by the Eisner College of Education. He has volunteered as a tutor for a state-funded, free, library-based literacy program for adults and youth, in both Burbank, California, and Sonoma County, California, where he now lives. He was born in a New York City suburb, and raised outside Washington, DC, in Maryland, where he graduated high school.

He dedicates this book to his many teachers and professors, including Mrs. Keller, of Washington Avenue School, Hartsdale, New York, and Wren Abramo, Regis Boyle, and Ashby Bryson, who worked for Montgomery County (Maryland) Public Schools. They, and many others, encouraged learning, inspired achievement, and offered engagement with the world around students, and beyond school walls.

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