Teaching Core Practices in Teacher Education

Teaching Core Practices in Teacher Education

Edited by Pam Grossman
cloth, 224 Pages
Pub. Date: May 2018
ISBN-13: 978-1-68253-188-4
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paper, 224 Pages
Pub. Date: May 2018
ISBN-13: 978-1-68253-187-7
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In Teaching Core Practices in Teacher Education, Pam Grossman and her colleagues advocate an approach to practice-based teacher education that identifies “core practices” of teaching and supports novice teachers in learning how to enact them competently. Examples of core practices include facilitating whole-class discussion, eliciting student thinking, and maintaining classroom norms. The contributors argue that teacher education needs to do more to help teachers master these professional skills, rather than simply emphasizing content knowledge.


Pam Grossman and her colleagues invite all involved in the preparation of teachers to think about their work in very different ways. Their thesis is simple but also profound: the design, development, and improvement of core teaching practices are key to how the whole field of teacher education improves. Their message is powerful; working in this radically different way, we can achieve much more for many more than ever before. — Anthony S. Bryk, president, Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching

Grossman provides an indispensible guide to practice-based teacher education with clear explanations and examples from innovative programs across the United States. This book is a must-read for contemporary teacher educators that offers elegant theory and common-sense examples. — Heather C. Hill, Jerome T. Murphy Professor of Education, Harvard Graduate School of Education

As the landscape of schooling, teacher education, educational research, and educational policy continue to shift, work such as this—emerging, responsive, and, most of all, deeply thoughtful—is critical. — Courtney Rath, Teachers College Record

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About the Editor

Pam Grossman is the dean of the Graduate School of Education and the George and Diane Weiss Professor of Education at the University of Pennsylvania.

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