Teaching in Context

Teaching in Context The Social Side of Education Reform

Edited by Esther Quintero, Foreword by Andy Hargreaves
Cloth, 272 Pages
Pub. Date: April 2017
ISBN-13: 978-1-68253-038-2
Price: 62.00

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Paper, 272 Pages
Pub. Date: April 2017
ISBN-13: 978-1-68253-037-5
Price: 31.00

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Teaching in Context provides new evidence from a range of leading scholars showing that teachers become more effective when they work in organizations that support them in comprehensive and coordinated ways. The studies featured in the book suggest an alternative approach to enhancing teacher quality: creating conditions and school structures that facilitate the transmission and sharing of knowledge among teachers, allowing teachers to work together effectively, and capitalizing on what we know about how educators learn and improve. The studies also show how social dynamics influence the speed, depth, and success with which any new idea is implemented, and how policies enacted without adequate consideration of their impact on the social fabric of schools can produce unintended negative consequences.


What a wonderful collection of diverse voices in this book, all sounding a similar message. Successful schools encourage and support purposeful collaboration among adults and they focus on students. In these schools, teachers feel more rewarded for their efforts and students learn more. Practitioners and researchers understand these findings. Now, let’s build education policies that enable them. — John Q. Easton, vice president of programs, Spencer Foundation

Teaching in Context is a call to action—one to which Esther Quintero and her colleagues invite us to imagine, build, nurture, and protect a profession and culture fueled by supportive networks that produce more trust and less churn. — Ralph R. Smith, managing director, Campaign for Grade-Level Reading

This is an important book for researchers and academics as it covers a broad range of topics and studies focused on educational reform within the context of school environments. — Lydia Ross, Teachers College Record

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About the Editor

Esther Quintero is a senior fellow at the Albert Shanker Institute.

Table of Contents

Foreword by Andy Hargreaves


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