The Critical Advantage

The Critical Advantage Developing Critical Thinking Skills in School

William T. Gormley, Jr.
Cloth, 248 Pages
Pub. Date: May 2017
ISBN-13: 978-1-68253-058-0
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Paper, 248 Pages
Pub. Date: May 2017
ISBN-13: 978-1-68253-057-3
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In The Critical Advantage, noted scholar and early childhood expert William T. Gormley, Jr. takes a wide-ranging look at the important role of critical thinking in preparing students for college, careers, and civic life. 


Is critical thinking the key to making sure our youth are ready for college, careers, and civic engagement? Gormley makes a persuasive case that it is. The book provides important guidance for educators on how to build the culture and structures to promote critical thinking. — Betsy Brand, executive director, American Youth Policy Forum

The Critical Advantage is one of the most thoughtful and useful explorations of critical thinking I have read. A refreshing, digestible, and much-needed read for this time. — Terrel L. Rhodes, vice president, Office of Quality, Curriculum and Assessment, and executive director of VALUE, Association of American Colleges and Universities

Gormley provides many rich examples of how educators can help children and youth to develop critical thinking skills that are important to success in college, in careers, and in civic life. Reading this book will help educators reflect on the ways that they interact with children and the ways that they can help them to become effective critical thinkers. — Richard J. Murnane, Thompson Research Professor, Harvard University Graduate School of Education

The Critical Advantage, a lively and informative book about critical thinking by William a sparkling read that's both big-picture and practical, with bite-size samplings, a little brain science, and well-guided tours of critical thinking in education, work, and civic life. — Brooke Manville, Forbes

Gormley presents new ways of considering critical thinking in a variety of different contexts, while also arguing that it is absolutely necessary that Americans rediscover their ability to interact constructively with ideas different from their own. — Peter M. Nelson, Teachers College Record

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About the Author

William T. Gormley, Jr. is a university professor and professor of public policy and government at Georgetown University, and is also the codirector of the Center for Research on Children in the U.S. 

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