The Elusive Quest for Equality

The Elusive Quest for Equality 150 Years of Chicano/Chicana Education

Edited by José F. Moreno
Pub. Date: January 1999
ISBN-13: 978-1-61250-073-7
paper, 204 Pages
Pub. Date: January 1999
ISBN-13: 9780916690335
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The Elusive Quest for Equality documents both the plight and the struggle of Chicano communities over the past 150 years, using the guiding themes of segregation, Americanization, and resistance in the history of education for Chicanos/Chicanas.


The Latino student population in this nation is growing by leaps and bounds, and these students are being met by hostile policies such as anti-bilingual and anti-affirmative action practices. Every educator should pay close attention to the policies recommended and history documented in this book. — Teresa Montano, United Teachers Los Angeles

The Elusive Quest for Equality is an important contribution that advances the conversation of the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo and the impact it has had on the educational expectations of Mexican Americans. — Rodolfo Acuna, California State University at Northridge

Some of the best minds in the field inform us that many of our present difficulties (e.g., biased testing, segregation, language issues, and access to institutions of higher education) have deep historical roots….The most powerful message of this book, …in my opinion, is that policymakers and other school reformers would do well to learn more about the history of education as it has developed for Chicanos/as. Knowing this history is essential for understanding the implications of present reform initiatives. — Ruben Donato, University of Colorado at Boulder

The Elusive Quest for Equality builds a solid case for the resilience and tenacity of the Mexican American struggle for equality in education. It also provides an indispensable background for educators and a moral guidepost for anyone who determines educational policy in the United States today. — Manuel S. Espinosa, Saddleback College, Mission Viejo, CA

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