Unconscious Bias in Schools

Unconscious Bias in Schools A Developmental Approach to Racism, Revised Edition

Tracey A. Benson and Sarah E. Fiarman, Foreword by Glenn E. Singleton
paper, 224 Pages
Pub. Date: September 2020
ISBN-13: 978-1-68253-585-1
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Pub. Date: September 2020
ISBN-13: 978-1-68253-587-5

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In Unconscious Bias in Schools, two seasoned educators describe the phenomenon of unconscious racial bias and how it negatively affects the work of educators and students in schools. “Regardless of the amount of effort, time, and resources education leaders put into improving the academic achievement of students of color,” the authors write, “if unconscious racial bias is overlooked, improvement efforts may never achieve their highest potential.” In order to address this bias, the authors argue, educators must first be aware of the racialized context in which we live.


Rarely do we find educators willing to take on the essential topic of unconscious racial bias in such an honest and purposeful way. This book challenges readers to dig deep into the overwhelming presence of unconscious racial bias in our educational system and how it impacts students by perpetuating issues of power, privilege, and oppression. An excellent addition to the field. — Eddie Moore, Jr., founder and program director, The White Privilege Conference

Benson and Fiarman have drawn freely on their experiences as former principals to develop a very practical book. They subtly pull leaders into a developmental approach for addressing racism in schools using unconscious bias as a nonthreatening entry point. Still, they do not avoid challenging topics and skillfully aim their sights on the true reason to undertake this difficult work. — Mark Anthony Gooden, Christian A. Johnson Endeavor Professor in Education Leadership, Teachers College, Columbia University

Unconscious Bias in Schools should be required reading for every educator. — Debby Irving, author of Waking Up White, and Finding Myself in the Story of Race

This book is ideal for all educators who want to learn how to challenge the institutionalized racism that plagues schooling in America. — Devyn Spence Benson, Davidson College

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About the Authors

Tracey A. Benson is the founder of The Anti-Racist Leadership Institute. He has served as a university professor, principal coach, high school principal, middle school vice-principal, district trainer, and elementary school teacher. Sarah E. Fiarman is the director of leadership development for EL Education, and a former public school teacher, principal, and lecturer at Harvard Graduate School of Education. She is the author of Becoming a School Principal: Learning to Lead, Leading to Learn and a coauthor of Instructional Rounds in Education: A Network Approach to Improving Teaching and Learning.

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