Arizona State University

Scaling the New American Research University

Monica Higgins and Nicole Magnuson
PDF, 2016, 27 Pages
Case: KC23ARIZ
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Permission to Reprint, 27 Pages
Case: KC23ARIZ
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This case offers a multifaceted examination of leadership, vision, and scaling for impact within a public higher education institution: Arizona State University (ASU). The case is designed to assist students, entrepreneurs, teachers, principals, and executives in studying systems-level change, organizational transformation, and scaling strategies in a resource-constrained environment. Although set within a higher education institution, the case provides opportunity for rich learning that applies across a variety of organizational structures and sectors. Other learning opportunities include leveraging existing resources, inspiring and facilitating innovation, transforming culture and mindsets, and cultivating public-private partnerships to advance strategic objectives and deliver public value or social impact. 

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