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The release of a Five Year Diversity Plan Draft has unleashed a maelstrom of controversy. A vocal segment of the faculty is up in arms over language in the draft proposing that “cultural competency” be a criterion for decisions regarding hiring, promotion, tenure, and post-tenure review. They argue that such a requirement violates basic tenets of academic freedom. In response to the backlash, and after less than two years in office, the new Vice Provost for Institutional Equity and Diversity resigns. President David Frohnmayer must now devise a new strategy for moving the campus forward. At the suggestion of the Faculty Senate, Frohnmayer appoints an Executive Diversity Working Group, composed mainly of faculty. He also replaces the Vice Provost with a longstanding faculty member who teaches about diversity and believes the proposed plan expected too much, too soon. The new working group is charged with reviewing the original draft. The following fall, a revised plan is submitted to Frohnmayer and the campus expectantly awaits its release.

Subjects: Diversity, Academic Freedom, Organizational Change, Leadership
Setting: Large Public

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