Excerpts from Reviews of "It's Being Done":

Its Being Done

From Education Review:

It’s Being Done is an inspiring documentation of schools where best practices are being put to use and are working. As stated over and over again, there is no ‘magic bullet,’ but there is a reoccurring theme of the determination to succeed and putting together the pieces to do just that. Each story of a school success demonstrates how that school’s personnel focused on the student and coordinated all available resources to maximize the potential for that student. Educators and policy makers need to read this book to remind us what it is all about and that all children can learn—if we make that our intent.”
—excerpt from review in June 2007 Education Review, reviewed by Lee Ann Dumas, Ed. D., the Director of Educator Excellence for the Texas Education Agency.

From The School Administrator:

“It’s exciting to read these stories, noting the critical elements for success and how they’re used in schools. Comparing the tactics of the schools in It’s Being Done with what is going on in our buildings, with our staffs is what makes this a practical book. We can do a better job by learning the critical elements of successful schools.”
—excerpt from review in April 2008 The School Administrator, by Jerry Horgen, adjunct professor of educational leadership, St. Cloud State University and Capella University, Minneapolis, Minn

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