Reviews of Leading for Equity

From The School Administrator:

“Essentially, the purpose of Leading for Equity: The Pursuit of Excellence in Montgomery County Public Schools is to share the story of this complex district’s inside-out transformation for those seeking the missing dimension of educational reform — what works systemically and how. The book accomplishes this because the authors brought along a different way of thinking about schools as organizations, and had a unique opportunity to apply it to a study of systemwide practice over 10 years in a major, fully functioning school district.”
—excerpt from book review in The School Administrator, February 2010

From Book News:

“The authors (of SchoolNet and Harvard Business School) describe the transformation of Maryland's Montgomery County Public Schools system as it ‘set out to break the link between race and class and academic outcomes’ through ‘accountability for the superintendent, board, teachers, and principals, along with the development of an organization that could sustain performance improvements over the long term.’”
—excerpt from book review in Book News, November 2009

From Journal of Policy Analysis and Management:

Leading for Equity is a policy maven’s dream—a study of how Montgomery County, Maryland, the 10th biggest school district in the nation, achieved Raleigh-type results, setting the bar for student achievement higher and narrowing the gap.”
—excerpt from book review in Journal of Policy Analysis and Management, November 2009

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