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Preface - David T. Gordon

The Digital Classroom

Introduction: An Invitation to Ask “What if . . . ?”
Andrea Oseas

Myths and Realities about Technology in K-12 Schools
Glenn M. Kleiman

Learning and Technology

High-Tech Kids: Trailblazers or Guinea Pigs?
Joan Westreich

Commentary :
  • “Technologies don’t change schools—caring, capable people do” George Brackett
  • “Technology is not just a tool” Edward Miller
Can Technology Exploit Our Many Ways of Knowing?
Howard Gardner

New Independence for Special Needs Students
Karen Kelly

  • “Some assessments treat learning-disabled students unfairly” Thomas Hehir
Distance Learning in the Digital Age
Natalie Engler

The Global Schoolhouse
Wambui Githiora-Updike

Teaching and Technology

A New Culture of Teaching for the 21st Century
Stone Wiske

Preparing Teachers for the High-Tech Classroom
Clorinda Valenti

  • “The big question is how to show up without showing up” David Perkins
Science: Venturing Online to Teach and Learn
Alan Feldman

Math: Calculating the Benefits of Cybersessions
Gene Klotz

History: Mining for Gold in a Mountain of Resources
Bill Tally and Melissa Burns

Literacy: Charlotte’s Web Meets the World Wide Web
Julie M. Wood

Managing Technology

A Tech Coordinator’s Road Map for the Information Highway Shelley Chamberlain

Partnerships: Making the Connection
Karen Kelly

  • “Each community has a wealth of technical expertise” Karen Smith
Equity and Technology

The Real Digital Divide: Quality Not Quantity
Maisie McAdoo

  • “Internet content should reflect children’s diversity of needs and interests” Milton Chen

The Gender Gap: Why Do Girls Get Turned Off to Technology? Karen Kelly

A Title IX for the Technology Divide?
Margaret Riel

Looking Ahead

A New Century Demands New Ways of Learning
Chris Dede

  • “Is being a good citizen only about being a worker and consumer?” Larry Cuban
  • “This is Dewey’s vision revisited” David Williamson Shaffer

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