1. Special Symposium on Education and Violent Political Conflict

      March 24,2009

      The spring 2009 issue of the Harvard Educational Review includes a special symposium on Education and Violent Political Conflict, in which eight authors consider the relationship between conflict and education by examining how schooling is used both to interrupt and to perpetuate violence. In this collection of essays, practitioners and scholars offer their perspectives on educational projects in select regions of the world currently embroiled in conflict. Here are the contents of the symposium: 

      Education and Violent Political Conflict: Introduction by the Editors

      Identity versus Peace: Identity Wins
      Zvi Bekerman

      Citizenship Competencies in the Midst of a Violent Political Conflict: The Colombian Educational Response
      Enrique Chaux

      War News Radio: Conflict Education through Student Journalism
      Emily Hager

      The Other Side of the Story: Israeli and Palestinian Teachers Write a History Textbook Together
      Shoshana Steinberg and Dan Bar-On

      Curriculum and Civil Society in Afghanistan
      Adele Jones

      Educational Reconstruction “By the Dawn’s Early Light”: Violent Political Conflict and American Overseas Education Reform
      Noah W. Sobe

      The Social (and Economic) Implications of Being an Educated Woman in Iran
      Mitra Shavarini

      Interview with Jacques Bwira Hope Primary School Kampala, Uganda
      The Editors

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