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    Harold Howe II
    In devoting this issue to the subject of "Equal Educational Opportunity," the Harvard Educational Review presents the views of fifteen men whose names are impressive credentials. Each is a recognized authority writing about an educational problem of national magnitude. Each is concerned about this American society that has not yet provided for all its members the full rights and privileges of citizenship. And each regards education as a key factor in promoting social and economic progress. While their prescriptions may differ, they share a common commitment to the full measure of educational change required to effect equal opportunity in education.

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    Spring 1968 Issue


    Harold Howe II
    The Concept of Equality of Educational Opportunity
    James Coleman
    Sources of Resistance to the Coleman Report
    Daniel P. Moynihan
    Research Issues
    School Factors and Equal Educational Opportunity
    Henry S. Dyer
    Academic Motivation and Equal Educational Opportunity
    Irwin Katz
    Race and Equal Educational Opportunity
    Thomas F. Pettigrew
    Social Class and Equal Educational Opportunity
    Alan B. Wilson
    Policy Issues
    Towards Equality of Educational Opportunity?
    Samuel Bowles
    Alternative Public School Systems
    Kenneth B. Clark
    Policy for the Public Schools
    Compensation and Integration
    David K. Cohen
    Implementing Equal Educational Opportunity
    Report Analysis
    Theodore R. Sizer
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