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    An Interview with James Allen

    James E. Allen, Jr.
    In this frank interview, the former Assistant Secretary and Commissioner of Education discusses his tenure in Washington. He points to several promising initiatives. But with regard to the poor and the blacks, he identifies the Nixon administration strategy as one of minimal accommodation, not leadership or advocacy; and regrets the inadequate financing of education by the federal government and a "continuing and serious under-estimation of the degree of alienation and disaffection of the young." As matters of structural improvement, he recommends the National Institute of Education and the elevation of Education to Departmental status.

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    Winter 1970 Issue


    An Interview with James Allen
    James E. Allen, Jr.
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    P. Michael Timpane
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    Free Speech and the Functions of Schooling in America
    Richard L. Berkman
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    The University as a Community of Resistance
    Antony Mullaney
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