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    Desegregating Urban Schools

    A Review of Techniques

    Gordon Foster
    The author, who has devised desegregation plans for a number of cities and has appeared often as an expert witness in desegregation suits, reviews the growth of desegregation in the past few years and evaluates the advantages and disadvantages of various techniques of desegregation. He then discusses the economic and the social and psychological constraints on desegregation. Finally, he makes an argument for the benefits of metropolitan desegregation plans.

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    Spring 1973 Issue


    Desegregating Urban Schools
    A Review of Techniques
    Gordon Foster
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    After Apple-Picking
    Philip W. Jackson
    Forensic Social Science
    Alice M. Rivlin
    A Black Response to Christopher Jencks's Inequality and Certain Other Issues
    Ronald Edmonds, Andrew Billingsley, James Comer, James M. Dyer, William Hall, Robert Hill, Nan McGehee, Lawrence Reddick, Howard F. Taylor, Stephen Wright
    The Further Responsibility of Intellectuals
    Stephan Michelson
    Proving the Absence of Positive Associations
    Lester C. Thurow
    Social Policy, Power, and Social Science Research
    Kenneth B. Clark
    Comments on Inequality
    Beverly Duncan
    Equality of Opportunity and Equality of Results
    James S. Coleman
    Inequality in Retrospect
    Christopher Jencks
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