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    A Statement by Senator Walter F. Mondale

    Walter F. Mondale
    Senator Mondale, a Democrat from Minnesota, is a leading congressional spokesman for children. He is a member of the Senate Subcommittees on Education, on Poverty, and on Health. He also was a member of the now expired Subcommittee on Indian Education, served as Chairman of the Select Committee on Equal Educational Opportunity and the Migratory Labor Subcommittee, and is currently chairman of the Subcommittee on Children and Youth.

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    Winter 1973 Issue


    A Statement by Senator Walter F. Mondale
    Walter F. Mondale
    Children Under the Law
    Hillary Rodham
    Amphetamines in the Treatment of Hyperkinetic Children
    Lester Grinspoon, Susan B. Singer
    Abused and Neglected Children in America
    A Study of Alternative Policies
    Richard J. Light
    Foster Care—In Whose Best Interest?
    Robert H. Mnookin
    Report Analyses
    The Massachusetts Task Force Reports: Advocacy for Children
    Peter B. Edelman
    The White House Conferences on Children
    An Historical Perspective
    Rochelle Beck
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