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    An Interactionist Approach to Advancing Literacy

    Nan Elsasser, Vera P. John-Steiner
    In this paper Nan Elsasser and Vera John-Steiner raise the question of how writing and composition skills, often neglected aspects of literacy programs, can best be developed. The authors suggest that instruction in writing must be directed at more than rules of grammar. They maintain that "poor writing" is connected to certain cognitive states and social conditions. Drawing on the work of Paulo Freire and Lev Vygotsky, the authors specify the nature of those states and conditions, the interrelationships between them, and the transformations that must occur if fluent writing is to be achieved. Using examples from a variety of countries, the authors demonstrate the close connection among educational, political, social, and cognitive factors. In the final section the authors illustrate their instructional principles and strategies in a description of an experimental university composition course.

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