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    Responses to Edward H. Berman

    As a first step in what we hope will be a continuing discussion, the Editorial Board has solicited responses to Edward Berman's essay from the three foundations he examines in detail. Each foundation was invited to respond briefly or, alternatively, to collaborate in submitting a joint response. African and other Third World educators are also being asked to respond to Professor Berman's essay and the foundations' responses, but these will appear in future issues. In publishing this discussion we hope to advance the cause which critics, foundations, and African leaders all claim to share, the best possible education for Africans. We trust that readers and future respondents will keep this goal in mind.

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    Summer 1979 Issue


    Foundations, United States Foreign Policy, and African Education, 1945-1975
    Edward H. Berman
    Responses to Edward H. Berman
    School Busing in Britain
    Policies and Perceptions
    Lewis M. Killian
    The Sensitivity of Measures of School Effectiveness
    George F. Madaus, Thomas Kellaghan, Ernest A. Rakow, Denis J. King
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