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    Disciplined Inquiry or Policy Argument?

    Anthony S. Bryk
    Public and Private Schools has brought considerable visibility to the comparative study of public, Catholic, and non-Catholic private schools. This general area has been too long ignored, and it represents rich ground for inquiry about the organization and effectiveness of schools. The work of James Coleman, Thomas Hoffer, and Sally Kilgore provides a valuable first step. The descriptive analyses of the public, Catholic, and non-Catholic private school sectors substantially extends our understanding in these areas.

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    Winter 1981 Issue


    Report Analysis
    Public and Private Schools
    Marya R. Levenson, Dawn Geronimo Terkla
    Evidence, Analysis, and Unanswered Questions
    Richard J. Murnane
    The Issue Is Still Equality of Educational Opportunity
    Jomills Henry Braddock II
    Disciplined Inquiry or Policy Argument?
    Anthony S. Bryk
    Why Public and Private Schools Matter
    Chester E. Finn, Jr.
    Unasked Questions
    James W. Guthrie
    Policy Implications of the Public and Private School Debates
    Barbara L. Heyns
    Questions and Answers
    Our Response
    James Coleman, Thomas Hoffer, Sally Kilgore
    Reducing Student Alienation in High Schools
    Implications of Theory
    Fred M. Newmann
    The Allen School
    An Alternative Nineteenth-Century Education, 1818-1852
    Judith Strong Albert
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