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    The Federal Role in Education

    T.H. Bell
    I appreciate the invitation of the Harvard Educational Review to come here to discuss the evolving federal role in education and relate it to our New Federalism theme. Since this is a Sunday afternoon I would like to begin by talking a little bit about Moses. As you know, Moses was summoned to the top of Mount Sinai, and there the Lord appeared to him in the form of a fiery cloud. And to the accompaniment of thunder and lightning, God presented him with the Ten Commandments. I want to be a little bit like that this afternoon.

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    Winter 1982 Issue


    The Federal Role in Education
    T.H. Bell
    The Federal Role in Elementary and Secondary Education, 1940-1980
    Carl F. Kaestle and Marshall S. Smith
    The Federal Role in American Indian Education
    Frank Anthony Ryan
    The Federal Role in Increasing Equality of Educational Opportunity
    Kenneth S. Tollett
    Federal Grants and Educational Equity
    Henry M. Levin
    Policy and Organization
    The Impact of State and Federal Educational Policy on School Governance
    David K. Cohen
    The Importance of the Federal Role in Improving Educational Practice
    Lessons from a Big-City School System
    Thomas K. Minter
    The Federal Role in Educational Improvement
    Brenda J. Turnbull
    The Federal Role in Educational Research
    P. Michael Timpane
    The Role of the States in Federal Education Programs
    Milbrey Wallin McLaughlin
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