Harvard Educational Review
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  2. Spring 1990
    Mujeres Unidas en Accion
    A Popular Education Process
    Eva Young and Mariwilda Padilla
    Community Education
    To Reclaim and Transform What Has Been Made Invisible
    Munir Fasheh
    Alternative Institutions of Education for Africans in South Africa
    An Exploration of Rationale, Goals, and Directions
    Es'kia Mphahlele
    Popular Education in Nongovernmental Organizations
    Education for Social Mobilization?
    Salomon Magendzo
    Transference and Appropriation in Popular Education Interventions
    A Framework for Analysis
    Liliana Vaccaro
    Transferencia y Apropiacion en Intervenciones Educativas Comunitarias
    Un Marco de Referencia para su Analisis
    Liliana Vaccaro