Harvard Educational Review
  1. Dating Violence

    Young Women in Danger

    Edited by Barrie Levy

    Seattle, WA: Seal Press, 1991. 315 pp. $16.95 (paper).

    In Dating Violence: Young Women in Danger, Barrie Levy has assembled an important collection of writings on dating violence among adolescents living in the United States and Canada. Levy, a prevention specialist who has spent a great deal of time in schools educating adolescents on ways to think about, confront, and prevent physical and psychological abuse in dating relationships, has created an anthology that "represents current views from the authors' fields and a variety of perspectives" (p. 7). Seeking to reach out, understand, and assist a broad population of young women, particularly those in violent relationships, Levy defines dating violence "as a pattern of repeated, actual or threatened acts that physically, sexually, or verbally abuse a member of an unmarried heterosexual or homosexual couple in which one or both parties is between 13 and 20 years old" (p. 4). As a result, the thirty articles that fill the pages of the book provide a comprehensive discussion on dating violence. In section one, entitled "Teens and Parents Tell Their Stories," victims and survivors share their experiences through interviews and in personal written reflections. In section two, "The Context of Dating," researchers present various perspectives on the phenomenology of violence in dating relationships in general, and among adolescents in particular. In sections three and four, social workers and activists describe their work and experience in the field.

    Because of its multidimensional perspective, Dating Violence: Young Women in Danger can and should engage a diverse readership — parents of adolescents, community and social workers, educators, and legal and law enforcement representatives.
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    By Stephen Andrew Sherblom, Jane Davagian Tchaicha, and Paula M. Szulc
    A Dialogue with Noam Chomsky
    Sexual Harassment in School
    The Public Performance of Gendered Violence
    Nan Stein
    Reconstructing Masculinity in the Locker Room
    The Mentors in Violence Prevention Project
    By Jackson Katz
    Cultivating a Morality of Care in African American Adolescents
    A Culture-Based Model of Violence Prevention
    By Janie V. Ward
    Preventing and Producing Violence
    A Critical Analysis of Responses to School Violence
    By Pedro A. Noguera
    Life after Death
    Critical Pedagogy in an Urban Classroom
    By J. Alleyne Johnson
    Violence, Nonviolence, and the Lessons of History
    Project HIP-HOP Journeys South
    By Nancy Uhlar Murray and Marco Garrido
    Youth Speak Out

    Book Notes

    Raising a Thinking Child
    By Myrna B. Shure, with Theresa Foy Digeronimo

    Ending the Cycle of Violence
    Edited by Einat Peled, Peter G. Jaffe, and Jeffrey L. Edleson

    Edited by Scott Cummings and Daniel Monti

    Culture and Imperialism
    By Edward Said

    Old Nazis, the New Right, and the Republican Party
    By Russ Bellant

    Teaching Young Children in Violent Times
    By Diane Levin

    By Shoshana Feldman and Dori Laub.

    Dating Violence
    Edited by Barrie Levy

    Vulnerable Children, Vulnerable Families
    By Susan Janko.

    The Merry-Go-Round of Sexual Abuse
    By William E. Prendergast.

    Juvenile Delinquency
    Edited by Paul M. Sharp and Barry W. Hancock.

    Anger Management for Youth
    By Leona L. Eggert.

    Assessing Dangerousness
    Edited by Jacquelyn C. Campbell.

    Changing Childhood Prejudice
    By Florence H. Davidson and Miriam M. Davidson

    Practicing Virtues
    By Kim Hays

    By Daniel J. Monti.

    The Violence of Literacy
    By J. Elspeth Stuckey.