Harvard Educational Review
  1. The New Second Generation

    Edited by Alejandro Portes

    New York: Sage, 1996. 246 pp. $45.00; $19.95 (paper).

    Since 1965, a combination of structural changes in the U.S. economy and tumultuous world events (e.g., civil strife in Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, and Iran) have given rise to one of this country's largest influx of immigrant waves — 19.8 million immigrants, according to the 1990 census. In contrast to the earlier part of this century when immigrants were mainly Europeans, more recent immigrant groups come from the developing nations of Asia and Latin America. So different are they from their predecessors that this recent group has appropriately been termed the "new" immigrants. Despite their sheer numbers and diverse backgrounds, little empirical evidence exists in terms of our knowledge of this immigrant wave. And, unfortunately, even less is known in terms of understanding their children; hence the value of this new book, The New Second Generation, edited by Alejandro Portes.

    The eleven contributors to this volume focus their attention solely on the plight of the second generation in several heavily immigrant populated locations in the United States: Miami, New York City, New Orleans, and Southern California. Addressing issues of education, language, career expectations, and social and economic conditions, along with psychosocial considerations such as ethnic and racial identities and self-esteem, they strive to provide a detailed account of this population.

    Researchers and educators who are interested in issues relating to immigrants and their children will find this book a valuable resource. Immigrant education, an often neglected theme in educational discourse, has benefited from the publication of this volume.

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