Harvard Educational Review
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  2. Spring 1998
    "The Department Is Very Male, Very White, Very Old, and Very Conservative"
    The Functioning of the Hidden Curriculum in Graduate Sociology Departments
    Eric Margolis, Mary Romero
    Cognitive Skill and Economic Inequality
    Findings from the National Adult Literacy Survey
    Stephen W. Raudenbush, Rafa M. Kasim
    Voices Inside Schools - Cacophony to Symphony: Memoirs in Teacher Research
    Karen Hale Hankins

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  3. Book Notes

    Channel Surfing
    By Henry A. Giroux

    Against the Tide
    Edited by Karen Doyle Walton

    Working in Higher Education
    Edited by Rob Cuthbert

    Making School by Hand
    By Mary Kenner Glover

    Teaching Reading and Writing in Spanish in a Bilingual Classroom
    By Yvonne S. Freeman and David E. Freeman