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    Voices Inside Schools - Notes from a Marine Biologist’s Daughter: On the Art and Science of Attention

    Anne McCrary Sullivan
    Through an autobiographical lens, Anne McCrary Sullivan explores the sensory and emotional aspects of attending and their implications for teaching, learning, and research. Her poetry and stanzaic prose attempt to awaken in the reader an artistic engagement with the various meanings of attention. Her use of this genre challenges traditional approaches to representing knowledge.

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  2. Summer 2000 Issue


    Blind Vision
    Unlearning Racism in Teacher Education
    Marilyn Cochran-Smith
    The Evolution of Community Education
    Content and Mission
    Charles V. Willie

    Book Notes

    Dialogic Inquiry
    By Gordon Wells

    Coming of Age in Academe
    By Jane Roland Martin

    An Overview of Writing Assessment
    By Willa Wolcott, with Sue Legg

    Native American Higher Education in the United States
    By Cary Michael Carney

    Common Purpose
    By Lisbeth B. Schorr

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