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    Racializing the Discourse of Adult Education

    Stephen D. Brookfield
    In this article, Stephen Brookfield explores the "unproblematized Eurocentrism" that characterizes contemporary adult education in light of Herbert Marcuse’s perspectives on repressive tolerance. Brookfield, a White English male, explores the implications of his own social location for his work in adult education by drawing on the works of Cornel West and Lucius T. Outlaw Jr., two prominent African American scholars who racialize the discourse of adult education. Brookfield further considers the broader implications for adult education practice and scholarship that emerge from West’s and Outlaw’s perspectives on critical thinking, which are paradigmatically different from the Euro-American traditions that tend to ignore issues of race and dominate the field. Finally, Brookfield offers recommendations to practitioners and scholars for actively exploring adult education’s role in challenging the "the myth of neutral, non-impositional, adult educators." (pp. 497–523)

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    Winter 2003 Issue


    Racializing the Discourse of Adult Education
    Stephen D. Brookfield
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    Kevin O. Cokley
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    Book Notes

    Classroom Discourse
    By Courtney B. Cazden

    By Dalton Conley

    Edited by Barbara Darling-Smith

    The Skin That We Speak
    Edited by Lisa Delpit and Joanne Kilgour Dowdy

    Tell Me More
    Edited by Eleanor Duckworth

    Methods of Literacy Research
    Edited by Michael L. Kamil, Peter B. Mosenthal, P. David Pearson, and Rebecca Barr

    How the Way We Talk Can Change the Way We Work
    By Robert Kegan and Lisa Laskow Lahey

    By Randall Kennedy

    Gifted Bilingual Students
    By Esther Kogan

    Teaching Problems and the Problems of Teaching
    By Magdalene Lampert.

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