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    Educating Whole People

    A Response to Jonathan Cohen

    By Nel Noddings
    Jonathan Cohen reminds us that a genuine education — an education for whole persons — must address social, emotional, and ethical issues, as well as academic. In doing so, he provides readers with a useful review of research and policy in the relevant areas. Most readers will agree that development of the whole person is important for both individuals and their society, but we may disagree on how and where this should be accomplished. Noddings agrees with Cohen that schools should be engaged in this form of education, but Noddings wants to raise a few questions about how to proceed.

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    Summer 2006 Issue


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    The Editors
    Mayoral Leadership in Education
    Current Trends and Future Directions
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    Social, Emotional, Ethical, and Academic Education
    Creating a Climate for Learning, Participation in Democracy, and Well-Being
    By Jonathan Cohen
    Educating Whole People
    A Response to Jonathan Cohen
    By Nel Noddings
    Paulo Freire in Chile, 1964–1969
    Pedagogy of the Oppressed in Its Sociopolitical Economic Context
    By John D. Holst

    Book Notes

    Going to College
    Edited by Elizabeth Evans Getzel and Paul Wehman

    The Joy of Teaching
    By Peter Filene

    Is Bill Cosby Right?
    By Michael Eric Dyson

    Johnny Mad Dog
    By Emmanuel Dongala, translated from the French by Maria Louise Ascher

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