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    Developing Imagination, Creativity, and Literacy through Collaborative Storymaking: A Way of Knowing

    Nancy King
    Early in her life, Nancy King discovered that stories are rich sources of wisdom, imagination, creativity, and comfort. In this essay, King describes her personal experiences developing and using the collaborative storymaking process with young people and adults in various school settings. The author states that collaborative storymaking establishes opportunities for students to create stories from stories, using imagemaking and abstract prompts. She maintains that the iterative process expands and improves students’ oral and written expression. King invites other educators to include collaborative storymaking in their instructional repertoire to stimulate their own and their students’ reading, writing, and speaking skills, and to foster a supportive learning community.

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    Nancy King is professor emerita at the University of Delaware, where she taught courses in theater and drama, literacy and language development, and interdisciplinary studies. She has published many articles, plays, and books, including Storymaking and Drama: An Approach to Teaching Language and Literature at the Secondary and Postsecondary Levels (1993), Playing Their Part: Language and Learning in the Classroom (1995), and Dancing with Wonder: Self-Discovery through Stories (2005). King is currently a literacy, drama, and educational consultant; she leads workshops in the United States, Canada, and Europe.

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